A wealth of experience

Since 2001, BitLathe has been helping firms in Financial Services and E-Commerce optimize their investment in web technologies and leverage those investments to meet their business goals. We've been resources, advisors, partners, sounding boards, advocates, and more to our clients.

We are:

A strategic vanguard

We don't spend all of our time cranking out best-of-breed web applications; a good portion of the day (more than our accountant would like) is spent keeping tabs on the technology press and developer blogs. That way, we can evaluate new technologies to see if they are the 'next big thing', or the 'next big fad', long before they become so. We bring our knowledge of both tried-and-true and developing technologies to our engagements, so that we can craft the most suitable solutions to the project and its business goals.

Craftsmen of custom solutions

Perl, .Net, PHP, Java... You name it, we've worked with it. We can work with your technology stack or suggest our own reference architecture that we have refined and developed over numerous projects. Either way, we approach each application as a woodworker approaches a piece of heirloom furniture. The core has to be functional and sturdy enough to last the test of time, but it's the visual and functional details that mark it as a hand-crafted product.

Guides in the jungles of open-source

As long and active users of open-source software, we can help guide you to a solution that works for you. It's a point of pride that we keep tabs on all of the major projects in a number of different application spaces. That field experience gives us the ability to quickly determine what open-source applications, if any, are a good fit for your business needs. We are so confident in the power of the software we work with, we run our business on it. We can help you to as well.