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From our founding in 2001, we've focused on providing high-quality, expert advice and services based on the unique circumstances of each client's business and its needs.

We strive to use our experience in both marketing and technology to help bridge common perceptual differences among project stakeholders and create a clear, shared understanding of the true goals and requirements for each project we work on.

Our history of long-term client relationships speaks volumes about our commitment to and success at finding the right solution to each problem.


When it comes to digital marketing, many projects require support in multiple strategic and tactical areas to achieve success.

Our depth of skills allow us to provide valuable insights and advice on topics as diverse as digital channel strategy, analytics, and technical architecture.

However, our core competency revolves around the design, development, deployment, and support of cutting-edge technology solutions for our clients' business needs.


When a custom solution is required, we can design and build web applications that are specifically tailored to suit the need at hand. Our team is experienced in multiple languages, frameworks, and platforms. Via agile methodology, our clients quickly become engaged in interacting with the applications as they are developed, helping to promote both transparency and uncover hidden assumptions and requirements.

Content Management

A website built around a content management system allows for advanced site functionality while still allowing easy content updates by non-technical marketing personnel. We've built many CMS solutions around Typo3, Drupal, and Wordpress ranging from simple site theming to custom extension modules and data feed integration.

Systems Management

Any web application is only as effective as the system it is hosted on. Many clients use Bitlathe as a DevOps provider to manage the systems on which they deploy our solutions. In addition to configuration and security patching of hosted environments, we monitor all levels of the technical stack for availability and performance metrics.


Bitlathe not only builds solutions, but stands by to support them in the long-term with bug fixes, enhancements, and modernization. We currently have many applications that have been in use for over a decade and are still being continuously upgraded. In addition, we are capable of adopting and supporting existing custom applications and legacy code built by other vendors.


With years of experience in the digital space, our team has had the opportunity to tackle business needs across many industries.

Despite the commonalities present across many of those solutions, we still approach each client engagement as a partner, rather than simply a vendor, so that we can learn the unique needs of your business and industry.

Because of this approach, we have developed deep knowledge and understanding of a number of sectors.


Financial Services

Bitlathe's first client was an asset manager and our involvement in the financial services industry continues to the present with current clients holding over $500 billion in AUM. This has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the specialized needs of such a highly-regulated industry. We've helped our clients develop everything from corporate websites and wholesaler intranets to more specialized sales and marketing tools for factsheet automation, literature fulfillment, and fund performance reporting.


A new startup's most important goal is quickly identify a viable market and develop their product towards that opening. Bitlathe has helped a number of startups refine their ideas, while our agile development methodology let them quickly iterate their product vision towards an minimum viable version that was able to validate their business model. Even after launch, we are to help advise our clients on scale-out strategy and technology roadmaps.


Bitlathe offers a casual workplace and a culture of mutual respect and commitment to providing our clients with outstanding solutions and service.


  • Remote work friendly
  • Generous PTO policy
  • Medical Plan
  • Employer-matched SIMPLE-IRA
We're currently looking for qualified applicants for these team roles. Drop us a resume at if you're interested.
Junior Web Developer/Production Assistant

This full-time, entry-level position will help support our clients with website maintenance and updates. The main responsibilities will include posting new content to client websites, page additions, and styling changes. Good communications skills and a customer-focused attitude are important. Depending on the developer's skill set, they may also become involved with developing both internal and client web applications, systems administration, or site design.

Required Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Git

Preferred skills

  • experience with the Linux command line
  • experience with one or more CMS platforms
  • experience with Ruby, Python, or Perl

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